Dose of Joy

Emery Luyt
Medium(s) Used
Acrylic, Collage

This piece is meant to represent how vaccines will ensure our future is happier, healthier, and richer. It shows a rainbow of color coming from the vaccine, which shows the positivity they create. Joy happens when you can see family and friends, leave your home without fear, and travel the world. All these things are made possible by vaccines. I chose the phrase “Choose a brighter future” because I think it reminds people that everyone has the choice to get vaccinated and how important that choice is for themself and others. By choosing to get vaccinated, you are protecting immunocompromised individuals and ensuring that everyone has access to the things that make life worth living. I understand that misinformation has led many to believe that vaccines are dangerous and risky. I hope this piece will leave people remembering that vaccines are a miracle and a joy that our generation is fortunate to have access to.

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