Past Relation

Isabelle Plamondon
Medium(s) Used
Watercolor, charcoal pencils, marker and collage.

To a lot of us it feels like we lost 2-3 years to the pandemic. It came in like a hurricane and it still hasn’t quite left yet. But holding onto the time we’ve lost doesn’t help. It’s better to reflect and move on. So in this piece I’ve included clips from a Harvard article about January-February of 2020 to show how quickly the pandemic came onto us. I’ve also included energy drink tabs. Now, I am sure there are questions about that. Well I included them to show how much we relied on them to get us through virtual school, work, etc. The peaceful background is meant to give a calming effect, one that says “the worst is over” and “it’s in the past”, as said, literally, in the piece itself.

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