I think it’s important to get vaccinated because there is almost a total of 1 million deaths in the US alone! People think what’s the point of getting vaccinated? “I’m young and healthy, so why should I get vaccinated?” You want to know why? Because there are people that may be more vulnerable to COVID19 then others and you could be around people that are more vulnerable than you. Another reason why I think getting vaccinated is important is that if you get covid then you most likely don’t want to get it again. If you get vaccinated then you’re most likely not going to get it again because it decreases your chances of getting covid. If you can’t get the vaccine because you have some type of allergies or…you have cancer and can’t get the vaccine, at least make sure you’re at least taking good precautions and staying healthy and keeping others around you healthy so they don’t get sick and you don’t get sick! I hope at least one of my reasons gives you a reason to get vaccinated! Stay safe!


Mimi Wiers
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I had a lot of fun writing this and think it’s important to get vaccinated!