Increased protection is the common objective
A barrier between humanity and its newest infective
Urged compliance through evidence and guidance
And a continuous reliance on the study of science
Perhaps it’s the reflection in the plexiglass
Or the overwhelming amount of time that has passed
While much of politics has tended to contrast
Society must reach a common ground at last

A seemingly never-ending duration
Catalyzed by an elongation of frustration
Medical professionals have provided confirmation
And many can see a common correlation
A way to decrease extensive isolation
Requires your support and cooperation
I plead to you this valuable recommendation
To rise to the occasion and get your vaccination

While lockdowns have caused extensive confusion
Scientists have reached a common conclusion
An effective resolution to limit seclusion
Vaccines are a proven and tested solution
Although it’s launch was timely and brief
It has helped to balance the sadness and grief
Insert yourself into the modern motif
And allow humanity to exhale in relief

Speak to your doctor about his or her advice
Chances are that three pokes will suffice
The symptoms following will surely be concise
Keeping yourself and others from paying the price
You are paving the world’s newest pathway
To a bright and healthy tomorrow and today
So, disregard the contradictive news on display
Please sign up for your shot today

Your local pharmaceutical institution
Has vaccines readily available for distribution
It is not an infringement of your Constitution
But merely a valuable societal attribution
While these medical advances are surely not perfected
The common goal is a population protected
Not a single individual can remain unaffected
Until this source of infection is redirected

For now, united we stand at a social distance
To tackle a pandemic, one must stay persistent
Help those in the medical field by providing assistance
In creating a world with antibiotic resistance
Take this opportunity to intervene
To stop the isolation and quarantine
While the events of the 21st century are unforeseen
I urge you to be proactive and get your vaccine

Vaccine Verse

Carley Sneddon
Medium(s) Used

“Vaccine Verse” is a piece of poetry that urges those who are on the fence to get their vaccine. The poem promotes a mask-free, healthy society that can only be achieved by mutual agreement about the effectiveness of vaccines. My sincere hope is that those who read the poem will be enlightened with a new perspective that not only alters their way of thinking, but allows them to make a valuable contribution to the health of today’s world.