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Artwork from the Frontline

During the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world was forced to shut down. Businesses closed, school was canceled, and many people were forced to hunker down at home. But amidst all the chaos and fear, an army of heroes was preparing to wage war on this illness. As the pandemic carried on, healthcare workers across the globe were faced with one daunting task after another. Space for patients was limited. Medical equipment was running low. And their own mental and physical health was constantly being put at risk. Despite all this, they continued to fight.

When a vaccine was introduced, healthcare workers could breathe a brief sigh of relief. While it didn’t promise an end to the pandemic altogether, it did offer hope. Hope that people would could start protecting themselves and others against an unforgiving virus. Hope that hospitals would begin to empty out. Hope that healthcare workers could start spending less time on the front lines, and more time with the ones they love. 

The “Voices for Vaccination” awareness campaign opened up an opportunity for Munson’s healthcare workers and their families to share their stories. Hear about the inspiration behind their artwork, and why taking part in this campaign was so important to them.