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The COVID- 19 vaccine to me is protecting others and yourself. I think COVID- 19 is very dangerous so you should get your vaccine as soon as possible. It’s true you still can get COVID- 19 when your vaccinated, but if you do get COVID-19 you probably won’t have bad symptoms. I can’t imagine what it would be like if nobody had a COVID-19 vaccine. If nobody was vaccinated there probably would be way more deaths. To protect yourself and people around you, if you’re not vaccinated you should wear a mask, get vaccinated, and get boosted when you can. Just by doing those things, you’re helping end the pandemic. Getting the COVID- 19 vaccine is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe! If
your worried about the vaccine, just know it’s been approved for ages 5 and up by the FDA. It’d be awesome if everyone in the world (or just Charlevoix) had the vaccine, then the numbers would go down a ton and there wouldn’t be a lot of deaths. The vaccine has impacted my life by keeping me and the people I’m around safe. In the USA, about 1 million people have died from COVID- 19. It’s horrible to think about how many people have died from COVID- 19! I hope you read this and realize how important getting vaccinated is. By getting the vaccine you will have a lower chance of getting COVID19! If you already had COVID- 19 you can still get the vaccine for extra protection. Around 2 years ago people couldn’t leave their house. Do you want that to happen again? If not a way to stop it from happening again you could get vaccinated. If you’re allergic to the vaccine and you still want to help, you can wear a mask whenever you’re in a building that other people (who aren’t your family) are in. After reading this short paragraph about the COVID- 19 vaccine, I hope you at least consider getting the vaccine.

Why You Should Consider Getting The Vaccine

Ainsley Wiers
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